It all starts with you and your decision to make change today!

Hi, we're Kate Diete & Paul McCann

London_Kate_Paul_circleTogether through recently visiting 24 startup markets and personally incubating 12 startups, we have a unique perspective on entrepreneurial and startup markets around the world.

We both regularly mentor startups and have given talks in 20+ countries focusing on mindset, pitching and lean methodologies.

We’re also the founder’s of SwiftPitch & JournoMate

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Learn how to think like an entrepreneur & create a profitable business!

We offer fantastic (and free) 10 day email courses to get you on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. That’s one insightful email a day for 10 days!

The methods we teach are how we personally incubated and maintained 12 startups in 12 months.

Having the right mindset is critical

Mindset, productivity & growth. We’ll show you how, step by step with plenty of action points and examples along the way.


From great idea to profitable business!

Learn how we turn ideas into profitable businesses. Think validation, customer feedback & business models.


It all starts with you!

You and your decision to invest in yourself and your business.

Our work (and this site) is dedicated to sharing resources, knowledge and inspiration to help you on your business journey.



As entrepreneurs, we believe in moving fast, staying out of our comfort zone and being fearless.


Visualisation, determination and a positive mindset is key to your success


Build, measure, learn! We use Lean Methodologies for everything we do.

Project: Bootstrap 12


In 2015 we achieved the goal of personally incubating 12 startups in 12 months. Each startup searched for repeatable and scalable business models.

We also gave talks in 20+ countries and mentored hundreds of startups throughout Europe and Asia.

In 2016 we’re focused on growth for the startups that are showing the most traction.


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Feedback can make or break your project

In true Lean style we’re a huge believer that feedback is a vital part of the build, measure and learn methodology known as the lean startup concept. Really, it can make or break your project. A common misconception when you’re starting out as an entrepreneur is that...

8 lessons learned from meeting Steve Blank

We recently had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Steve Blank, the extremely talented entrepreneur and professor who kick-started the Lean movement within startups. Our interview will be a part of our upcoming TV documentary Startup and Deliver. Here’s what we...

What is ‘lean’ and why you should use it

What is ‘lean’ and why you should use it Thanks to Steve Blank & Eric Ries, a new startup methodology has been born – the Lean Startup methodology So what is it and why should you use it? For us, one statistic says it all “75% of all startups fail” That’s a...

Why aren’t there more female bosses?

When it comes to women and business, there’s no sugar-coated way to put it; there is a clear gap in terms of male to female business owners. How many exactly? According to hbr.org, 63% of all businesses are male-run, which roughly leaves females to represent the...

Lessons learned from being an entrepreneur

Just start Don’t worry about not having it completely figured out, just start! When we started we had no idea if we could quit our jobs and earn a living, it’s currently working but would we have known if we didn't try? Definitely not! As a wise person once said, it's...

Advice from entrepreneurs, investors and mentors

Whilst travelling to 24 countries in 9 months we got to meet some of the most influential people within the startup world. We asked every single one of them what was their one piece of advice for entrepreneurs and here's some of our favourites. It is hard The piece of...

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